Get Ready for Kindergarten

Health and Well-Being

According to the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness, Kindergarten‐ready children with continuous access to health care have higher attendance rates and are more focused on learning. A regular routine that includes eating healthy dinners and snacks, going to bed early, and 60 minutes of daily physical activity keeps children healthy. Physical activities that get children moving also help build fine and gross motor skills that are useful for reading, writing, and math. Use our checklist, programs, booklist, eResources, and websites to help prepare your child with the basic skills and concept standards they need to succeed in Kindergarten.



  •  I take care of my health and my immunizations are up to date.
  •  I am well-rested.
  •  I have clothes and a jacket I can take on and off with little help.
  •  I can make big movements like kicking a ball, hopping on one foot, and climbing the ladder at the park.
  •  I know what I need to eat, can wash my hands, blow my nose, and use the toilet by myself.
  •  I get at least 60 minutes of exercise and active play every day.





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