Posting and Distributing Materials Policy


This policy establishes guidelines for posting and distribution of informational notices inside the libraries.


The Santa Clara County Library (SCCLD) designates spaces which allow for the posting and distributing of information of community interest. Petitioning, soliciting, and canvassing are not allowed inside library facilities. Providing space for the posting or distribution of materials does not imply SCCLD endorsement of the events or information provided.

Posting of Materials

Permission to post materials on bulletin boards must be obtained from the Community Librarian or designee prior to posting. The Community Librarian will determine, based on available space, how long in advance of the listed event a flyer or notice will be posted, and how long they will remain posted. Materials will not be returned.

Distributing Materials

Handouts, including flyers, postcards, or posters, may be placed at libraries that have designated locations. SCCLD reserves the right to limit the number of handouts offered. Distributing materials outside SCCLD libraries is permissible, however, it cannot block public access to the building nor interfere with normal library use.

Materials Permitted for Posting and/or Distributing:

Materials providing information about library programs, events, services, procedures, and news; local, state, and federal government programs, events, services, and news; and educational opportunities having substantial community impact.

Materials Not Permitted for Posting and/or Distributing:

Materials related to political campaigns for public office; services or products for sale or rent, except those that directly benefit the library; and notices reflecting opinion, political debate, philosophies, or religious doctrine.

Santa Clara County Library District Policy #13.23

Updated 1/29/2024

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