Fee Policy

Materials returned on time and in good condition are free!

  1. Loan Periods:
    • Three weeks: Most materials
    • One week: Adult feature videos, magazines, and some reference materials in the adult collection
  2. Renewals: Most items may be renewed three times if there are no holds. Limitations may be placed on specific types of materials.

Bookdrop Returns: Items returned in the bookdrop before 8 a.m. will be checked in as if returned the previous day.

  1. Fees: Please return items promptly if items cannot be renewed. If items are overdue more than four weeks, a processing fee is charged for each item. Borrowing and renewing privileges are restricted if balance owed is $50 or more. Accounts may be referred to the rebilling service when the balance is $100 or more. A rebilling fee of $10 per account is assessed. Individuals sent to the Rebilling Agency may not check out items until a zero balance is reached. All payments must be cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.
  2. Library Cards: Present a library card each time materials are borrowed. You are responsible for items checked out with your library card. For your own protection, do not lend your library card. Inform the Library immediately if it is lost or stolen. Library privileges may be revoked if abused.
  3. Freedom of Access: Santa Clara County Library District does not restrict access to any materials based on age. Responsibility for minors' selection of material rests with their parents or guardians. The library does not act in loco parentis.
  4. Confidential Information.

Fees Schedule

Fee Policy April 2023 (PDF)

Borrowing and Accounts

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