Get Ready for Kindergarten

Mathematical Thinking

Playing and talking to your preschooler about math concepts is easy and something that all caregivers naturally do. When you sort socks, count apples at the grocery store, or point out shapes in street signs with your child, you are exposing them to basic math concepts. These basic math concepts are an easy introduction to mathematical thinking for preschoolers. Use our checklist, programs, booklist, eResources, and websites to help prepare your child with the basic skills and concept standards they need to succeed in Kindergarten.



  • I can count 10 items correctly.
  • I know basic shapes (circle, square, and triangle).
  • I can sort silverware into spoons, knives, and forks.
  • I can put together a puzzle.
  • I can sort beads on a necklace in a repeating color pattern.
  • I can organize a group of four objects from smallest to largest.



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