Financial Overview

How is the Library Funded?

Property Taxes

The County Library District is primarily funded from a property tax district.  Individuals living in the unincorporated area and in the nine cities served by the County Library District have a portion of their property tax designated for the County Library District.  People living outside the district do not pay County Library District taxes.

Special Taxes

In addition to the property tax, district property is also assessed for enhanced service through a Community Facilities District.  Voters endorsed the assessment in 1994, 2005 and 2013.  The special tax is intended to partially replace revenues lost by state legislated property tax shifts which caused losses in excess of 40% to the County Library District.  The special tax provides 18% of the County Library District’s revenues.

Local Government

Some cities choose to enhance local services by providing supplementary funding for additional hours.  Two cities have established a joint powers authority to provide additional library taxing power in their area for enhanced services.


Finally, the Library receives many gifts of money, equipment, books, and time from Friends of the Library as well as from individuals.  Contributions are generally in excess of $200,000 annually and reflect the community’s commitment to the library.

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