Santa Clara County Poet Laureate

Santa Clara County Poet Laureate

About the Current Poet Laureate

Tshaka Campbell is an accomplished artist and performer who has authored four books (Tarman, Muted Whispers, Tunnel Vision, and Stuff) and three music albums (One, Bloodlines, and Skin vol.1). He has toured internationally, and has been featured at theatres from the legendary Apollo Theatre in New York to the poetry Café in London England. Campbell has collaborated on a number of musical projects in the House, Jazz, and Blues genres, as well as national commercials. He continues to ask the world to “listen different.”


The Santa Clara County Library District works in partnership with Santa Clara County and SVCreates for the County Poet Laureate program. The County Poet Laureate holds a 2-year term, starting on January 1 and ending December 31. 


The Poet Laureate post was approved by the Board of Supervisors in November 2008 to elevate poetry among Santa Clara County residents and to help celebrate the literary arts. The Poet Laureate acts as a resource for poetry and literary activities to the Santa Clara County Library District, represents the County of Santa Clara through outreach related to poetry, conducts presentations of appropriate works at local events, and participates at activities to celebrate Poetry Month in April. The Poet Laureate serves a two-year calendar term. SVCREATES administers this program in partnership with the Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) and Poetry Center San José.

Past Poet Laureates:

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