Exhibits in the Library

The Santa Clara County Library District encourages exhibits for the cultural interest, information, and enlightenment of the community. As with our library collections, exhibits may represent particular viewpoints. Exhibits will not be excluded because of the race or nationality or the social, political, or religious views of the exhibitors.

The exhibit policy agrees with the concepts of the Library Bill of Rights as adopted by the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority on October 26, 1995.

Information for Exhibitors


Exhibits are normally scheduled for a one-month period of time. In some libraries, exhibit spaces may be handled by a separate body. Bookings may be made up to one year in advance. The Library reserves the right to reschedule exhibits. If there are numerous requests for exhibit space, new exhibitors will take precedence.

Loss or Damage

Santa Clara County Library District assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever, regardless of cause, for loss or damage to exhibitor property and supplies during installation, public display, or the removal of the exhibition.


The Library does not participate in commercial sales. The Library will make the Exhibit Agreement listing items and exhibitor's phone number available to all interested persons.

Exhibit Preparation

  1. The Library assumes no responsibility for providing materials and supplies or special assistance to the exhibitor in setting up or removing the exhibit.
  2. The Library is unable to store display materials before and/or after the exhibit.
  3. Walls, pillars or other structures may not be defaced in any way.
  4. Works of art may be mounted only in authorized areas.
  5. Exhibitors must provide their own printed or typed identifying labels.
  6. No prices should be affixed to items.

See our Exhibit Agreement

Santa Clara County Library District Policy #13.4

updated 3/01/2006
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