Internet Policy

The Santa Clara County Library District's information resources include access to the World Wide Web. This supports the Library's mission to provide an open forum for knowledge, ideas, and cultural enrichment through free access to information, educational, and recreational materials and services.

The Internet offers access to millions of valuable sites, but some may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or personally offensive. The Library does offer the option of computers with filtering software in the Children's Room. However, the Library's Material Selection Policy states, "The public, regardless of age, has free access to all library materials." As with other library materials, guidance in the use of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Responsible Use of the Internet

  • Each individual is responsible for evaluating and determining the worth of information retrieved from any source, including the Internet. Parents are responsible for deciding which sites they and their children select.
  • Children who use the Internet without parental guidance may encounter material which is beyond their maturity level or otherwise unsuitable. The Library strongly urges parents to discuss the use of this new medium with their children.

Library Resources to Help Individuals and Families Use the Internet

  • The Library provides a bookmark page with many subjects to help individuals launch their search on the Internet.
  • The Library's home page links to sites selected specifically for children and teens.
  • Librarians offer individual assistance.
  • Libraries offer training sessions in Internet use for families and individuals.
  • The Library equips monitors with screens to help protect the privacy of library users.
  • The Library provides informational manuals, books, magazines, and videos to assist Internet users.

Courteous Behavior at the Computers

  • Individuals are expected to use library PCs in a responsible and courteous manner.
  • Attempts to show material displayed to a passersby are not permitted.
  • Passersby must respect the privacy of those using computers.
  • The Library may limit the number of people using computers, the number waiting nearby, or the amount of time per day an individual may use the Internet.
  • To ensure courtesy and fair access, the Library may set and enforce other behavior standards.

Adopted by the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority June 1998

Santa Clara County Library District Policy #8.5

Updated 6/04/1998.  Reviewed 2018.

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