Behavior Standards

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Behavior Standards

For the safety of library patrons and staff and to create an environment conducive to the enjoyment of the library’s services, facilities, and collections by all visitors, the Santa Clara County Library District has established behavior standards.

For the safety and comfort of all:

  • Please be courteous and respectful of your fellow patrons and library staff.
  • Eat or drink in designated areas only. Lidded beverage containers are permitted throughout the library.
  • Follow instructions from library staff members, including instructions to leave the library.
  • Wear shirts and shoes at all times.
  • Comply with the library’s Internet Policy.
  • The library welcomes service animals, as defined by federal and state law. Anyone who interferes with, harasses or obstructs a service animal is in violation of the Behavior Policy, and can be asked to cease their behavior or to leave the library. Leashed therapy and emotional support animals may be allowed at the discretion of the in-charge librarian. In the event that the library has been designated a cooling center, pets may be allowed. If any animal's behavior falls outside the Library's Behavior Policy, the animal will not be allowed, e.g. barking or disruptive behavior.
  • Park cycles outside.
  • Library staff cannot act in place of parents or caregivers, although staff will enforce the Behavior Standards with patrons of all ages.
    Use of study rooms, Children’s Room, and Teen area may be restricted by age to keep the library welcoming and comfortable for minors.

Prohibited activities include:

  • Any activity prohibited by federal, state, or local laws
  • Bathing, shaving, laundering, or other inappropriate uses of restrooms
  • Blocking entrances, aisles, stairs, doorways, or other traffic areas
  • Bullying, intimidation, or fighting
  • Defacing, damaging, or destroying library property, equipment,  materials, or facilities
  • Entering restricted areas without permission
  • Following, stalking, or harassment of others, including leering, prolonged staring, and photographing or video recording patrons of any age against their wishes
  • Hygiene conditions that create a public nuisance, including strong, pervasive odor that interferes with others’ use of the library
  • Intoxication
  • Loud, angry, disruptive, obscene, or abusive voices, language, gestures, or activities. Cell phone use is not prohibited, but the use of loud, angry, disruptive, obscene, or abusive voices or language while on a cell phone will be considered a violation
  • Placing feet on furniture other than footstools, except as needed to accommodate a disability
  • Possession of dangerous weapons
  • Running or throwing objects
  • Selling or soliciting inside the library
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes
  • Using skateboards, skates, cycles, or scooters other than mobility scooters

Failure to abide by these behavior standards will result in the following actions.

  • Persons who are observed acting inappropriately will be told to stop. Usually one warning is given before an individual is asked to leave the library. Depending on the frequency and severity of violations, individuals may be suspended from using the library for time frames ranging from one day to one year. Severe violations may result in immediate suspension of library privileges for up to one year. The librarian in charge at any library shall have the authority to determine whether a violation of this policy has occurred and whether a suspension is appropriate.
  • Any suspension from the Library will require a meeting with the Community Librarian or his or her designee and a commitment to adhere to these behavior guidelines before an individual’s library privileges are restored.
    Patrons suspended from any Santa Clara County Library District library may not use any other Santa Clara County Library District libraries during their suspensions.
  • Parents or caregivers may be contacted if a minor’s library privileges are suspended. Severe behavior problems may result in a requirement that a minor be accompanied by an adult.
  • The librarian in charge may call local law enforcement to provide assistance in enforcing the behavior policy. Illegal activity in the library may result in arrest and/or prosecution in addition to suspension of library privileges. Patrons who return to the Library before a suspension has ended may be charged with trespassing.

Adopted by the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority Board, June 5, 2014Santa Clara County Library District Policy #13.02

updated 1/03/2018
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