Behavior Standards

The Santa Clara County Library District has the mission of being an open forum, promoting knowledge, ideas, and cultural enrichment. To support this mission, behaviors that disrupt the use of the library or interfere with the library being a welcoming, clean, and safe place for visitors and library staff are prohibited.

For the safety and comfort of all such prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Assaulting, harassing, stalking, staring, bullying or threatening the public or staff, including photographing or recording without consent
  • Damaging or stealing library property
  • Engaging in any other activity that is illegal under federal, state, or local law
  • Disrupting use of the library, including but not limited to, excessive volume, inappropriate language or gestures, or solicitation
  • Disrupting use of the library through pervasive odors, including but not limited to food, scented body products, or personal property
  • Entering a restricted area without permission
  • Being intoxicated, drinking alcohol, or smoking, including e-smoking in the library, or at entrances
  • Leaving your children unsupervised
  • An adult being in an area of the library designated for children or teens, if not accompanied by a child or teen or not appropriately using the collection
  • Bathing, laundering, or other inappropriate use of a restroom
  • Blocking access to an entrance, aisle, seating, or walkway, either personally or with property, e.g. a power cord or transportation device, not intended for accessibility
  • Bringing large personal property into the library may be restricted, e.g. a cart or luggage, when such property will block access, or interfere with the use of the library
  • Bringing pets or non-service animals (as defined by federal or state law) into the library; although leashed emotional support animals may be allowed at the discretion of library management
  • Using a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, stroller or other transportation device for a purpose other than accessibility
  • Drinking or eating at a computer or study room, or leaving behind food waste
  • Not following Library Policy 8.5 Internet Policy
  • Not wearing a shirt or footwear
  • Placing feet on furniture other than footstools, except as needed to accommodate a disability

Individuals who do not follow the Behavior Policy may be asked to leave for the day or be suspended for a longer period of time. Refusing to leave may result in a call to law enforcement. If suspended, the length will be based on the severity of behavior and will be communicated in writing.

  • Individuals who are suspended may appeal in writing within one week of the suspension, addressing their appeal to the County Librarian at 1370 Dell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008
  • Suspended patrons who return to the Library before their suspension have ended may be charged with trespassing
  • Any suspension from the Library will require a meeting with the Community Librarian or his or her designee and a commitment to adhere to these behavior guidelines before an individual's library privileges are restored
  • Parents or caregivers may be contacted if a minor's library privileges are suspended. When appropriate, the school district may be contacted. Severe behavior problems may result in a requirement that a minor be accompanied by an adult
Santa Clara County Library District Policy #13.02
Updated 1/23/2020
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