Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Arts & Crafts - October 2021 @ SCCLD

Celebrate October with these creepy insect arts and crafts to do with your family.

Food & Beverages - October 2021 @SCCLD

Spooky cookery: creepy cuisine cookbooks for your Halloween celebrations.

Nonfiction Lists

Home & Garden - October 2021 @SCCLD

Gathered here are books all about home. Homes of famous people, and stories that show what a home means to us.

Life and Relationships – October 2021 @SCCLD

Famous breakups: Relationships can be hard but sometimes we learn the most from the ones that end.

Music & Movies - October 2021 @SCCLD

For October, check out one of these new books about music.

Pets & Animals - October 2021 @SCCLD

How to take care of your pet, and how to let your pet take care of you.

Nonfiction Lists

Sports and Games – October 2021 @SCCLD

For baseball, the month of October means playoffs. Here are some titles covering World Series history to get you in the mood.

Travel & Outdoors - October 2021 @SCCLD

October is the perfect month to learn about and travel to the world's most haunted places.

World Affairs - October 2021 @ SCCLD

This list features books about the global refugee crisis, solutions and survival stories.
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