Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Arts & Crafts - January 2020 @SCCLD

Start the New Year with a new project that also feeds your soul. Indulge yourself with homemade soaps, candles, and beauty products.

Business and Money – January 2020 @ SCCLD

Find books and guides on business and money topics, from management and marketing to economics and personal finance.

Healthy Eating - January 2020 @SCCLD

Start the New Year with a new recipe idea. Peruse our collection for healthy meal options. Nourish yourself from the inside out.

Nonfiction Lists

Home & Garden - January 2020 @SCCLD

New year, clean house! Here are some books to assist you with making everything bright and clean for 2020!

Life and Relationships – January 2020 @SCCLD

Browse our selection of books about dating, marriage, and family, and motivational books on happiness, self-esteem, and stress management.

Music & Movies - January 2020 @SCCLD

Some of your favorite actors had memoirs published in 2019 - check 'em out!

Pets & Animals - January 2020 @SCCLD

January is National Train Your Dog Month. Find books on how to train your dog, and books on how dogs are being trained to help people.

Nonfiction Lists

Science & Technology - January 2020 @SCCLD

Here are some of the best science and technology books of 2019, according to the likes of GoodReads, Library Journal, and Science News.

Sports and Games – January 2020 @SCCLD

Gather your family and friends for a rousing game of Bridge. Here are some titles to help you get started.

Travel & Outdoors - January 2020 @ SCCLD

Join in a travel adventure! These travelogues and biographies have a focus on travel to places near and far.

World Affairs – January 2020 @SCCLD

Start the new year with new books in the world of politics and public affairs.
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