Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Arts & Crafts - January 2022 @SCCLD

Start the New Year off creatively and constructively by learning a new craft or skill!

Business & Money - January 2022

What will the new year bring? If you're wondering about inflation, economic downturns, or the business cycle, check out these books.

Food & Beverages - January 2022 @ SCCLD

Give the gift of delicious home-made food this holiday season. Find wonderful ideas in the books below. It's not just about cookies anymore!

Nonfiction Lists

Life and Relationships – January 2022 @SCCLD

This month’s topic: Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Love.

Music & Movies - January 2022 @SCCLD

For January, read one of these new books about music and musicians.

Nonfiction Lists

Science & Technology – November 2021 @SCCLD

Learn how puzzles have shaped our understanding of the world, or test your mind with puzzles rooted in math and logic.

Sports and Games – January 2022 @SCCLD

With a new year starting, let us say goodbye to last year with a look back at some of the best sports books that came out in 2021.

Travel & Outdoors - January 2022 @SCCLD

Did you know that when it's Winter here in the Bay Area, it's Summer in the Southern Hemisphere?

World Affairs - January 2022 @ SCCLD

Read about the history, the wars and the ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.
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