Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Nonfiction Lists

Arts and Crafts - July 2022 @SCCLD

July 7th marks the birth anniversary of artist Marc Chagall, who blended abstract and surrealist art in many mediums.

Business & Money July 2022

We know that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. However, we can prepare our loved ones with estate planning.

Food and Beverages - July 2022 @SCCLD

Salad - Salad - Salad!! Prepare healthy and delicious (and COOL) meals for these hot July days.

Nonfiction Lists

Music & Movies - July 2022 @SCCLD

Happy Birthday to these famous actors and musicians born in July!

Sports and Games – July 2022 @SCCLD

The Wimbledon tennis tournament runs through July 10. Here are some biographies of past winners of the tournament.

Travel & Outdoors - July 2022 @SCCLD

Have you ever been to the desert in July? I have and it's hot. And beautiful! For this July, read about deserts of the world.

World Affairs - July 2022 @ SCCLD

Ukraine war is leading to a global energy crisis by the disruption in oil and gas supply. Is nuclear energy the answer?
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