Fiction Lists

Fiction Lists

Fiction Lists

Fantasy – January 2020 @SCCLD

'Appreciate a Dragon Day' is celebrated on January 16th. Help bring dragons to life, here are some fantasy titles for you to enjoy.

Historical Fiction - January 2020 @SCCLD

Try something new at your book group? These Historical Fiction titles, were winners with the Milpitas Library Book Discussion Group.

Literary Fiction – January 2020 @SCCLD

Character-focused narratives, told in a fresh, creative way, which explore the human condition and trends in history and culture.

Fiction Lists

Romance – January 2020 @SCCLD

Spend those chilly winter days at home being transported to Scotland as you read these Romance novels about all things Scottish!

Science Fiction – January 2020 @SCCLD

National Science Fiction Day is celebrated on January 2nd. Celebrate this "unofficial" holiday with some titles by Isaac Asimov.
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