Fiction Lists

Fiction Lists

Fiction Lists

Fantasy – August 2021 @ SCCLD

The British Fantasy Society has announced the winners for the 2020 British Fantasy Awards.

General Fiction - August 2021 @ SCCLD

More fiction book choices to fill up your leisure time in August . Look through this list, there's a little something for everyone.

Graphic Novels – August 2021 @SCCLD

Check out some of the latest comics filled with love, adventure, comedy, and a healthy dose of introspection.

Historical Fiction - August 2021 @SCCLD

Summer is here and travel restrictions have been lifted. What a great time to grab a book to read on your vacation.

Fiction Lists

Horror - August 2021 @ SCCLD

Sink your teeth into these chilling horror fiction titles for August 2021.

Romance - August 2021 @SCCLD

August means summer is in its home stretch. On those hot, hot days, curl up with a new romance novel and a cold drink!

Fiction Lists

Science Fiction – August 2021 @SCCLD

The shortlist for the 2020 British Science Fiction Association (BAFSA) Awards has been announced.
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