Fiction Lists

Fiction Lists

Fiction Lists

Fantasy - February 2024 @SCCLD

Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson is best known for his Cosmere Universe and Cytoverse series.

General fiction - February 2024 @ SCCLD

General or Contemporary Fiction focuses on everyday experiences and conflicts, with detailed characterization and background.

Graphic Novels - February @ 2024

"Rofan" is a term coined by Korean webtoon, or manwha, artists for romantic fantasy webtoons. Check out this mix of rofan manwha and manga.

Fiction Lists

Historical fiction - February 2024 @SCCLD

With settings spanning the previous centuries, these novels center around Black voices and vibrant characters, and reveal many stories.

Fiction Lists

Science Fiction - February 2024 @SCCLD

Iain M. Banks is best known for writing his Culture Universe series. He is a winner of the British Science Fiction Association Award.

Thriller - February 2024 @SCCLD

Check out the latest books in the thriller genre.
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