Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

IMPORTANT: Before attempting any of the following steps, please ensure that your laptop’s wireless client is working properly. For example, check and ensure the physical Wi-Fi switch on your laptop is enabled, if applicable.

Library staff cannot assist you nor accept liability for handling of your equipment. The following Q&A is provided should you wish to troubleshoot a few common issues. Be aware that any changes you make may render your laptop incapable of connecting to its original network.

We provide access to your web-based email through our Wi-Fi connection. However, email using POP, SMTP, IMAP, etc. may not work with our wireless network. Additionally, our wireless network does not support Telnet, SSH, FTP, VPNs and other services beyond web access.

Basic Troubleshooting

Follow these basic troubleshooting steps to resolve the connection problem. If you are still unable to connect to the internet, proceed to More Troubleshooting.

  • Restart your device.
  • Verify that the wireless client is working properly on your device. Try to connect to your phone hotspot or another Wi-Fi network outside the library. This is to ensure the wireless client on your device is working properly and can connect to another wireless network.
  • Verify that you are connected to the library Wi-Fi network's SSID "SCCL".
  • Once you have verified that you are connected to the SCCL Wireless, open your Internet browser. Ensure that you see the SCCLD splash page and you agree to the terms. If you are not connected, restart your Internet browser and go to a website.

More Troubleshooting

Wi-Fi FAQs

  • SCCLD's wireless network is not secure and information sent from or to your device could be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software. We recommend that you install the latest operating system service packs and anti-virus software on your device before connecting to our wireless network.

    Visit our Wi-Fi page

  • The network works with any operating system that supports a Wi-Fi network adapter and an Internet Protocol network connection.

    Visit our Wi-Fi page

  • No. Virus and security protection is your responsibility.

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  • There is no maximum length of time that you may use the Wi-Fi network. However, the system will log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

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  • The Library offers free wireless access with no library card needed.  Printing wirelessly to our printers requires a library card.  Visit our computer services page to learn more about library computer services, or our Wi-Fi page to learn more about the SCCLD wireless network. 

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  • Yes. Here are instructions for Wireless Printing. If you're inside the Library, you can choose to connect to the SCCL wireless network.  

  • All Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) spaces offer wireless connections. To access this service you will need the following:

    • A device with a working wireless network interface, 802.11b or later
    • Your laptop to be configured for DHCP network access with cookies enabled
    • A charged battery (Note: Some SCCLD libraries may provide access to electrical outlets)
    • The willingness to agree and abide by the library's Wi-Fi Policy

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