Printing & Copying

The Library offers Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs), which enable printing and photocopying in black/white or color. Payment in full will be required before printing or copying.


The default selection for printing is one-sided black/white 8.5 x 11 prints. Color printing can be selected at the print station kiosk.


The machines will accept $1 and $5 bills, and coins. Payment by credit card is also available.

Changing paper size does not affect cost per page. Double-sided printing is not available.

  • Black/White single-sided: $0.15 per page
  • Color single-sided: $0.20 per page

To Print:

  1. Select the "print" option on your computer. Make any desired changes in print settings and click the Print button. This will initiate a pop-up on your computer showing the number of pages sent to the computer.
  2. Click the print button on the pop-up. This will send the print job to the print station kiosk.
  3. At the kiosk, select "Print My Document" and sign in with your library card and PIN number.
  4. Select the documents you want to print. This will allow you to change from black/white to color printing. When selected, documents will have a green check mark next to them.
  5. Tap the "Print" button to print your selected documents.
  6. When finished, tap the "Finish" button.

Printing is available from any full service library computer or laptop.  As an additional option, you may also print from your own laptop/mobile-device, by following these instructions: Wireless Printing



The default for photocopying is one-sided black/white 8.5 x 11 prints. Color, double-sided, and paper size and orientation settings can be selected on the photocopier once activated.

For photocopying, there is a choice of three paper sizes: 8.5 x 11 (letter), 8.5 x 14 (legal), and 11 x 17 (tabloid). Letter size can be printed in landscape or portrait, while legal and tabloid print in landscape orientation only.


The machines will accept $1 and $5 bills, and coins. Payment by credit card is also available.

Changing paper size does not affect cost per page. Please be aware that photocopying double-sided counts as two pages.

  • Black/White single-sided: $0.15 per page
  • Black/White double-sided: $0.30 per page
  • Color single-sided: $0.20 per page
  • Color double-sided: $0.40 per page

Copier Settings:

  • Color or Black and White
  • Text, Photo, or Text/Photo
  • Paper size and orientation
  • One-sided (copied) to one-sided (printed) is the default with nothing selected, or choose 1 to 2 sided, 2 to 2 sided, 2 to 1 sided

To Copy:

  1. At the kiosk, select "Make Photo Copy."
  2. Deposit enough for your total print job; you cannot add more money once you begin. Kiosk will show your Amount Deposited, a running total for your print job as Copy Cost, and your deposit's Current Balance (the remainder that can be used for more copies).
  3. Tap the "Start" button on the kiosk. This will light up once there is money deposited. The photocopy machine will now be activated.
  4. At the photocopier, place item to be scanned face down on the scanner, or multiple 8.5 x 11 papers face up in the top tray.
  5. Select your print settings (or leave as default).
  6. Use the number buttons on the copy machine to enter number of copies to be made (shown as "Quantity"). If copying multiple pages at once, this will copy each page the number of times entered.
  7. Press the "Start" button on the copy machine.
  8. When finished, return to print kiosk and tap the "Finish" button for receipt and any remaining change.


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