Internet Services

The Santa Clara County Library District's information resources include access to the Internet. Providing Internet access supports the Library's mission to provide an open forum for knowledge, ideas, and cultural enrichment through free access to informational, educational, and recreational materials, and to services. In response to community needs, Santa Clara County Library District provides diverse resources with different viewpoints on a wide variety of subjects. Helping people use these resources effectively is part of our mission.

What kind of information is on the Internet?

The Internet offers access to millions of valuable sites that can be personally, professionally, and culturally enriching. However, some sites may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or personally offensive. The accuracy of information gathered through this source is the responsibility of each originator/producer of the information. The Internet is an unregulated network and the library neither monitors nor takes responsibility for its content. The Library provides assistance and training in using the Internet, but parents and guardians are responsible for setting guidelines and restrictions for their minor children.

Courteous Behavior

Individuals are expected to use library computers in a responsible and courteous manner.

  • Internet stations are equipped with privacy screens to enable users to access information independently and privately. Deliberately attempting to view what others are accessing without their permission is not allowed.
  • Disturbing others by showing displayed material to a passerby, who has not requested it, is not permitted.
  • In order to provide access to as many users as possible, the Library may limit the amount of time per day and the number of individuals using the computers.


Library Resources to Help Individuals and Families Use the Internet

Education is the key to responsible, safe, and intelligent Internet use. To help educate users, the library provides assistance, handouts and training in using the Internet.

  • The Library's website provides information about Santa Clara County Library District and its Community Libraries.
  • The Library offers an Online Library with online services available in the library or from home.
  • Computer Skills Resources and Online Classes are available through the library's website, in the library or from home.
  • Books, magazines and videos about the Internet can be borrowed from the library.
  • Librarians are available to provide individual assistance.
  • Free technology classes are often available.
  • provides basic information and guidelines on online safety and civility.
  • The Library equips monitors with screens to help protect the privacy of user.


Internet Interfaces Provided in the Library

The Library provides graphical interfaces, meaning website browsers, to access the Internet.


Internet Access Provided by the Library

The Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority has adopted an Internet Policy which also outlines responsible uses of the Internet, library resources to assist the public use the Internet, and courteous behavior at the Internet stations.

Children's computers have a commercially produced filter, which attempts to block sites that might be considered objectionable. The filter is available as an option on computers in the adult rooms. Library staff do not monitor the selection of a computer or control which sites are blocked by the filter.


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