Picture Books To Sing Along To

We all have that favorite song.  It gets our blood pumping, brings up memories, raises our spirits, lightens necessary tasks, and brings people together.  Michigan Public Radio put together a terrific summary of the importance of music in children's growth and development.  Introducing kids to music and music instruction helps develops early literacy skills.  There is a lot of research examining the particulars of how and why music is essential, but some key points to consider are:

  • It strengthens listening and attention skills
    We are born to hear but not to listen.  Learning music requires children to focus on what they hear.
  • Improves phonological awareness
    Language and music are processed in similar ways in the brain.  Children learn to connect sounds with symbols, symbols to words, and words to meaning.
  • Enriches print awareness.
    One expression of language is through printed texts.  Reading text relies on recognizing the patterns and repetitions of what they see.  Music is another language that uses this skill.
  • Refines auditory discrimination and increases auditory sequencing abilities.
    Recognizing differences in phonemes and constructing those phonemes in particular orders are necessary for learning to read.
  • Enriches vocabulary.
    Children acquire vocabulary through what they hear.

With all of this taken into consideration, the library offers some terrific resources to connect music with books.  Check out this list of picture books that are based on well-known songs.  The opportunity to read, sing, and play with your children is a click away.

Picture Books to Sing Along To


Do you love to sing as much as you love to read? We have you covered. Book adaptations of famous songs have been gaining in popularity. Here are some picture books to get your toes tapping. Note: Click on a title, then "View all formats and editions" to see all of the formats available. Downloadable ebook additions are accessible with your library card and pin.

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