Embracing Diversity- Celebrating Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Picture Books

“We read to know we are not alone.”  ― C.S. Lewis

As librarians, collection development is a process that we spend a great deal of time on. It is important to us to have books available to meet our community’s needs and interests, as well as representing a broad range of ideas and experiences. When children read books about characters who are relatable it helps them process experiences and milestones in their lives. These characters need to not just be relatable in experience but in appearance and culture. The last several years have seen an explosion of picture books that have black, indigenous, and people of color as the main character. These are books where kids are being themselves and are not dealing with racism, bigotry, or retelling major points in history (although that is important in its own right). In light of Black Lives Matter, it is more important than ever for kids to see the humanity of another who doesn’t look like them. Below is a list of picture books celebrating black, indigenous, and children of color being themselves.

Picture Books Featuring Kids of Color


Featuring kids of color being themselves. All of these books are available in our print collection. Note: Click on a title, then "View all formats and editions" to see all of the formats available. Downloadable ebook additions are accessible with your library card and pin.

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