“Eat or Be Eaten” presented by The BeetleLady

Stephanie Dole is the Beetle Lady.   On November 4, 2020 in her virtual program "Eat or Be Eaten" she shares her knowledge about what insects love to eat.  It is just about everything you can imagine.  From predators to herbivores and beyond, learn how bug mouthparts have adapted to eat all kinds of foods.  Learn about the different strategies arthropod predators use to hunt and catch their prey.  You will get to see the Arizona Blonde Tarantula, Regal Jumping Spider, Christmas Beetle, Snail-eater Beetler, Milkweed Bug, and a Vinegaroon.

"Eat or Be Eaten" will be presented November 4, 2020 on Zoom as well as be streamed to the Santa Clara County Facebook page.  To register for a Zoom link please signup up on our events calendar at sccld.org/events.

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Beetles and Insects Oh My!


From tiny ants to buzzing bumblebees insects can be found all over the world in all shapes and sizes. Some eat plants and others prey on small animals or suck blood from larger creatures. They plan an important part of our ecosystem.

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