Collection Descriptions

Collection Descriptions

Children's librarians offer guidance and assistance to children in choosing materials that meet their individual needs. Our goals are to introduce children to new experiences, make literature come alive, and spark enthusiasm for reading and learning.

The Children's Collection includes print and media for infants through grade 8.
Each item in this collection is labeled with J for Juvenile. All materials marked with J/ require more sophistication of the child due to mature content and interest level.

JP = Infants - 8th Grade
JE = Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
J = 3rd - 8th Grade
J/ = 7th Grade and up



J Toddler = Toddler Books (Infancy - Age 2.5)
These sturdy books have bright pictures and few words.

JE = Juvenile Easy Readers (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)
These stories range from short sentences and simple illustrations to early chapter books.

JP = Juvenile Picture Books (Infancy - 8th Grade)
The pictures tell the story and are complemented by the text which varies in complexity, length, and sophistication.

J Fiction = Juvenile Fiction (Grades 3rd - 8th)
These stories feature a wide range of reading levels and genres such as mysteries, adventure, and fantasy.

J/ Fiction = (Grades 7th and up)
These books require more sophistication of the reader due to mature content and interest level.

JLT & J/LT = Juvenile Large Type
J Fiction and J/Fiction stories in a larger print size.

JPB & J/PB = Juvenile Paperbacks
J Fiction and J/Fiction stories in soft cover.

J SS & J/ SS = Juvenile Short Stories
These books contain collections of stories by one or more authors.

JENF (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade); JNF (Grades 3rd - 8th); J/ NF (Grades 7th and up) = Juvenile Non-Fiction and Children's Biographies
These informational books, arranged by subject, are intended for children of all ages as they explore and discover the world around them. The biographies tell about a person's life.

J Parent = Parents Corner
This collection contains materials of special interest to parents and caregivers. Additional materials are located in the Adult Non-Fiction Collection.

JR = Juvenile Reference
These books, to be used in the library, aid children and adults working with children to find more detailed information on their chosen topic.

International Languages (Toddler - 8th Grade)
These materials are in a variety of formats and are in languages other than English.

J Console Games
This collection includes games for Wii, Playstation 2 & 3, Nintendo DS and Xbox.

A collection of musical CDs featuring children's artists performing a wide range of vocal (J Songs) and instrumental music (J Instrumental) from simple toddler tunes to more complex renditions of classic songs and teen pop. Compilations and soundtracks appropriate for a variety of ages within the whole family are included as well. This collection also contains sound effects recordings (J Sounds).

Talking Books
This is a collection of recorded books on CD.
--JP Talk = Picture books with accompanying books.
--JE Talk = Easy Readers with accompanying books.
--J Talk & J/ Talk = Fiction titles

J DVDs (Toddler - Grade 8th)
Popular films are labeled JE for preschool children, J for school-age, and J/ for Grades 7 and up. Informational films arranged by subject are labeled JENF for preschool children, JNF for school-age and J/ NF for Grades 7 and up.

Magazines (Toddler - Grade 8th, & Parents)
A variety of magazines for information and entertainment.

Playaway & Playaway View
Offers audio books , TV shows and movies on pre-loaded, all-in-one devices.

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