Feel the Force with a Star Wars Day Craft

May the Fourth be with you! Celebrate
Star Wars Day with this simple lightsaber bookmark craft. 


  • Craft sticks, popsicle sticks, or tongue depressors
  • Paint (and paintbrush), paint pens, Sharpies, or other markers


  1. Gather all your materials. 
  2. With the color of your choosing for the lightsaber, cover all but the bottom ¾ inch of the stick (adjust to your preference of hilt size). Allow to dry.
  3. If you would like a double-sided light saber, turn the stick over and cover that side except for the bottom ¾ inch. Allow to dry. 
  4. Turn the stick back to the first side and put another layer of color on the stick if necessary. Allow to dry. Repeat the second layer of color on the back side as well. Allow to dry.
  5. Turn back to the first side, take your black color for the hilt of the lightsaber and cover the bottom ¾ inch of the stick that you previously left uncovered. Allow to dry.
  6. For the double-sided lightsaber, turn the stick over and color the black hilt on the bottom ¾ inch of the stick. Allow to dry. 
  7. If necessary, turn the stick back over and put a second layer of black on the hilt. Allow to dry. Repeat the second layer of black color on the hilt of the back side as well. Allow to dry.   
  8. If you have metallic silver color, accent the hilt of your lightsaber (on both sides) how you would like.
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 for each lightsaber you are going to make, changing the lightsabers with the colors of your choosing. 
  10. Make sure your lightsabers are completely dry before using them as bookmarks. 

Some tips before you start:  

  • I did not have craft sticks or tongue depressors, but I did have popsicles and ice cream bars in the freezer. It was quite the sacrifice, but I just had to eat these frozen treats to complete this craft. Be resourceful if you do not have the exact materials I listed above.  
  • Check out the original inspiration for this DIY on the Crafts by Amanda blog! 

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