April 2024 Teen Book of the Month – Lunar New Year Love Story

Lunar New Year Love Story

Lunar New Year Love Story
Written by Gene Luen Yang
Art by Leuyen Pham

Grades 6+  

343 pages 

Val has felt cursed in love.

Val finds some light when she joins a Lion Dancing group. Luckily, she meets Les, maybe he is the one to break her family love curse. The relationship doesn't go as planned, with Val questioning Les' intentions, and constantly being reminded of her family curse. When a boy from her past, Jae, comes back in to the picture, Val starts to realize that love is unexpected and not always obvious. Combined with the drama of her mother abandoning her, an over the top grandma and a silent father, Val tries to navigate her love life while still holding out hope for a happy ending. 

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