Finding Books by Lexile Level

Lexile LevelsSometimes a teacher will tell a student to read books at a certain Lexile level. What is Lexile? With Lexile, the reading level of a book is assigned a number to help you see where it is in the range of difficulty. According to, "Lexile measures help you find reading materials at your child's unique reading level. With Lexile measures, you can engage your child in learning by ensuring they comprehend their reading materials, as well as monitor their progress over time." Using Lexile measures of books will help you move up that range more accurately as your reading skills improve. But how do you find books at your child's Lexile level? The library catalog can help!  

When you go to the catalog to search for books, you can limit the results by their Lexile levels. Say you want to find stories about unicorns. Searching for 'unicorns' will get you hundreds of results. But you can limit the results to just the books in your child's Lexile level by using the search limiters on the left side of the page. You can use these limiters to limit the results to only fiction, or only books, or only your library by clicking the box next to those terms in the list of limiters. If you scroll to the bottom of the list of limiters, you'll find the section for "Reading Level". Click on the little arrow next to that, and a list of Lexile ranges will pop up. Now you can select the range you want, and your search results will be limited to items within your desired reading level. Just like that!

Lexile logoIf you have a particular title in mind and you are wondering what it's Lexile measure is, go to and select the section for Parents & Students. Then click on "Find Books at the Right Level" and choose "Look Up a Book's Measure" from the resulting menu to search for its Lexile level.