Make a Lei for AAPI Heritage Month

May 1st is Lei Day in Hawaii and it fits perfectly into our month-long celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage. The lei is known the world over as the symbol of aloha. When you give a lei, you are giving a part of you. The custom of wearing leis originated with the indigenous Hawaiians, who wove necklaces of leaves or ferns or sometimes strung dried shells, fruits, beads, or bright feathers for personal adornment. Leis can be made from ribbon so they will last longer. Money leis are often given to graduates, providing them with a little nest egg to start their journeys into adulthood (or just to pay for some fun in the coming summer). Follow this link to read about the winners of the 2022 Lei Contest in Hawaii and to see their beautiful works. Use these books to learn to create leis yourself.

Hawaiian Flower Lei Making

Hawaiian Lei Making

Making Ribbon Leis and Other Gifts of Aloha

Making Ribbon Leis 2

Making Eyelash Crochet Leis 2