Bring Downloadable Audiobooks into your life

Shelter in place is new to most of us. With no restaurants open to the public, no commute to and from work, no hosting dinner parties with friends and family, one might be sitting on extra time to devote to solo at-home projects like spring cleaning or gardening. Having a new book in your earbuds while taking a stroll can help keep the cabin fever in check, or having the audio in the background while going to town on your closet is a welcome change. The price is right, so what’s not to like? 

Santa Clara County Library cards have access to a wide range of Downloadable Audiobooks available to download or stream through wifi enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, or desktops. This means no more flipping through individual CDs to follow along, it’s all one smooth ride. Once you’ve tried it out, it could end up being something you enjoy doing when we are all back to business as usual: sitting in traffic and commuting from one part of the valley to the other. But now with Downloadable Audiobooks 

If you do not yet have a library card with us, do not fret! An eCard will give you access to our digital content and will be active once you've finished filling out the online application.  Please head over to our Online 24/7 page and browse our virtual shelves. Once the libraries reopen, come in if you would like to verify the eCard account, pick up a physical library card, and be ready to check out non-digital materials as well.

Take care of each other, and we hope to see you all soon!

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