Making Medical Equipment

blue surgical mask with black background
Surgical mask.

There have been many news segments about hospitals running low on personal protective equipment (PPE) and the internet is abuzz with people sewing masks and 3D printing parts for face shields.

The big question is: Should we chip in and make some too? We all want to be helpful and safe during this pandemic and here are some resources with more information on the topic.

The two main concerns that come up are:
Are the mask made to medical standards so they will be safe?
Are hospitals accepting handmade medical equipment?

The Mercury has an article from 3/26/20 called Bay Area Sewers are Making Thousands of Homemade Masks but Will Hospitals Take Them?

The FDA has information about 3D printing medical devices.

The National Institutes of Health also has information on 3D printing medical devices.

There are many large medical organizations in Santa Clara County, and each one has different policies about accepting homemade medical equipment. Check with each before you make.

Valley Medical Center Foundation

El Camino Health

Stanford Hospital

Kaiser Permanente