New York Times Instructions for Face Mask

We are starting week three (four for some) of Shelter in Place in our homes. News keeps changing about whether it is necessary to wear a face mask while out in public--California Department of Health has the following guidelines. Because medical grade masks should be reserved for frontline staff at clinics and hospitals, consider making your own face mask for use if you need to be out of the house to pick up groceries and other essentials.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a no-sew method of making a mask linked here. A simple set of instructions to sew your own mask is available through the New York Times as well. The article is available here and a shareable/printable PDF is available here.

The New York Times is always available online with your library card. SCCLD provides the subscription for it, just use our link to access an unlimited number of articles here.  

Take care of each other, we hope to see you all soon.