What’s New at Bookmobile?

If you're thinking of browsing some new material on the "BK", make sure to check out the Bookmobile Family Newsletter. The Newsletter contains lists of our bestsellers and hot ticket items. All items are categorized by age group for Adults, Teens, and Children so there is content for the whole family! Don't feel forced to stick to those categories, there's never anything wrong with big kids (aka adults) checking out titles from the children's DVDs.

And just in case you have an eReader or tablet at home, or received one as a gift during the holidays, there's also a handy list of popular digital content available to library card holders, like HyRead for Chinese material online, Libby for super simple streaming of eAudiobooks and eBooks, and access to the New York Times online--all completely free with a Library Card.

It's hot cocoa season, so be sure to request or stream something will be able to enjoy and kick back to. Whether it's a book full of suspense, some good tunes, or a fun family movie, the Bookmobile has got you covered. You can find the Newsletter in print on the Bookmobile or browse through its content online via the provided link:

Bookmobile Family Newsletter 2019

Take care of each other, and see you soon!