Announcing Kanopy’s New Feature: Tickets!

Calling all film lovers! Starting November 1, 2023 Kanopy will be switching from from play credits to tickets. Now, your watching experience will be even better! With this update, you can easily see the number of tickets required and viewing period for each film next to the play button. This change will not effect Kanopy Kids which will continue to have unlimited streaming access to children friendly content. 

Are you unfamiliar with Kanopy

Did you know you can watch thousands of feature films, documentaries, and bingeable series for free from our library? Get out your library card and sign up for Kanopy to get started today. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to
2. Add your library card
3. Create a Kanopy account
4. Start watching videos!

From a title’s details page, you will be able to easily see how many tickets are required and how long you’ll have to watch it before pressing play.

Need help? You can always contact our librarians for assistance or start at Kanopy Help