Spotlight on New Graphic Novels for Kids

Graphic novels and comics are becoming more and more popular with children of all ages. They have captured sometimes reluctant readers and provided a gateway to more books and reading. To celebrate this great format, check out these new graphic novels!

The City on the Other Side
Isabel has been sheltered in a high-society world. All that changes, when she breaches an invisible barrier, and steps into a magical and dangerous city where war rages between the fairies of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

Small Things
An empowering wordless graphic picture book that gets to the heart of a young boy's anxiety and opens the way for dialogue about acceptance, vulnerability, and the universal experience of worry.

Be Prepared
A misfit girl and her brother attend summer camp, where they struggle with primitive plumbing, snobby tentmates, and boys-versus-girls competitions.

Peter & Ernesto
Peter and Ernesto are sloths, friends, and nothing alike, so Ernesto decides to go off on an adventure alone. Will the pals' separation tear them apart or bring them closer together? Presented in comic book format.

All Summer Long
It's a summer of changes for 13-year-old Bina. Her best friend Austin is off to soccer camp, her oldest brother and his husband are adopting a baby, and nobody has time for Bina. An aspiring guitarist, she takes solace in music; it grounds her when she feels adrift.

The Cardboard Kingdom
A diverse group of neighborhood children use cardboard, tape, and other materials to create a pretend fantasy world.

Mr. Wolf's Class

Life in Mr. Wolf's fourth grade classroom is ever changing. Feeling pleased with himself one moment and on the verge of panic the next, Mr. Wolf maintains composure while keeping up with the schedule and dealing with one particularly alarming event.

Positively Izzy
This charming book tells parallel stories of two very different girls, using graphic novel format to follow studious, introverted Brianna and a mix of handwritten prose and illustrations for creative daydreamer Izzy. The girls prepare for their middle school's talent show, which turns out to be a pivotal moment in both of their lives.