June 2023 Teen Book of the Month – Project Nought

Project Nought

Project Nought by Chelsey Furedi  

Grades 8+  

336 pages 

It’s 1996, imagine waking up in 2122 with no idea how or why you got there. 

This is what happens to Ren in Project Nought. After overhearing some distressing news, Ren runs away from home, only to end up over 120 years in the future as part of an intergalactic student exchange program.  

While hesitant to make friends and form connections, he soon finds himself liking his life in the future, especially with Mars. However, it came with an expiration date when he will return home soon. Together Ren and his new friends fight against a villainous tech company Chronotech, questioning their exchange program in an attempt to find real answers.  

Set in New Zealand and filled with characters of many colors, genders and orientations, Project Nought is a great story with mystery, love and acceptance.  

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