Extra! Extra! Get Access to The Mercury News Online (2006 – Current Issues)!

We are pleased to offer full online access to The Mercury News. Enjoy free access from inside the library on library-provided computers, as well as the library’s Wi-Fi, using the "In-Library Access" link provided. In addition, we offer 24-hour or 72-hour remote access.

For remote “home” access, use the "At-Home Access" link provided and log in with your library card number and PIN. You will be taken to a Welcome page where you can choose between two options for remote access:

  • Anonymous Access: Works for 24 hours. After that time, you will need to revisit the Library’s subscription link to gain another 24-hour session.
  • Authenticated Access: Works for 72 hours. For this option, you must register for an account using Google, Apple, Facebook or an email address to gain 72-hour access. At the end of the 72 hours, revisit the Library’s subscription link to gain another 72-hour session.

The Mercury News is the largest local newspaper for Santa Clara County and readers will be able to enjoy full access to local, national, and world news written by both The Mercury News staff as well as freelance, and Associated Press staff. Other sections included are sports, business, technology, entertainment, opinion pieces, puzzles and games, obituaries, and much more.

If you are interested in articles from before 2006, the library has access to certain, but not all, time periods from The Mercury News. We offer two additional, separate online services through a different provider, Newsbank, for issues from these time periods. Use your library card number and PIN to enjoy unlimited access.

The Mercury News is provided by The Bay Area News Group. In 2020, the group applied for funding from the Google News Initiative to expand news access to students, library patron and low-income groups. You can read more about the funding initiative here.