Color Your World with Kids’ Art Club this Summer

Kids' Art Club will be back this Summer, beginning on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.  We will meet every other Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.  You can view the art program on the SCCLD Facebook page or on our Youtube channel.  School-age children will have the opportunity to explore art, art history, and crafting with our Children's Librarians.  Find each event on our online calendar, and prepare your materials.  We will try to keep the materials as simple as possible.  

After the event, don't forget to post to our ongoing art club gallery.  The Children's Librarians love to see your art projects!

June 1 Pony Bead Wire Sculpture Experience color in three dimensions! Join us as we manipulate wire and beads to make colorful sculptures.
June 15 Pollock Painting Join us in making action art! Learn a splatter and splash technique to make fun art.
June 29- Watercolor Paper Pinwheels Let's make watercolor paper pinwheels in bright summer colors.
July 13- DIY Cardboard Spinner Make a spinner and watch how the colors meld as it spins.
July 27- Paper Cut Art With a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, we will make beautiful designs to decorate your house.

Please note: These events have now ended.