Bookmobile Spring Newsletter

Bookmobile Newsletter

The Bookmobile has been back on the road for a while now rolling into stops in remote, rural, and areas with limited access to a library allowing patrons light browsing, truck-side pickup, activity kits for preschool and school age children, and friendly, socially distant conversation with a librarian.

In addition to visiting those locations five days a week, our small truck goes out to nineteen senior facilities and five preschools for contactless pickup and delivery. All holds are placed via phone or email as we stay connected with our patrons and respond to their needs while many are still facing extended lock-down and isolation.

Our newest service is the BookDash program which provides home delivery once a month to seniors and people having difficulty getting to the library due to a family illness, injury, medical condition, or disability.

Many of our patrons have made contributions to our newsletters during the pandemic. Please have a look to see our most recent featured artist, book and movie reviews and recommendations, Book Dash services, digital resources, schedules and more. Enjoy!