Visit Zoos, Aquariums, and More with Live Cams from Around the World

Zoos, aquariums, animal shelters, and more animal-friendly places around the world have set up live cams for online visitors during our stay-at-home time. Need some time with nature? Connect online to see and learn about your favorite animals and their habitats. Come face-to-face (almost) with lions, tigers, bears, elephants, otters, jellyfish and more from the comfort of your home!

Webcams are set up in static locations, so don't worry you don't see anyone right away - the animals may be shy, but you can visit any time during the day. Jump online anytime and bring the wild side inside! Want to learn all about our animal friends? Visit the Kids' Online Library for ebooks, articles, and more.

Live Cams

Read Online

Discover animal facts, photos, articles and videos with Explora and National Geographic Kids! Looking for some good books about animals? Give these eBooks a try:

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