Trini Lopez, Musician/Actor, Dies of COVID-19

A singer, guitarist and actor who was proud of his Mexican heritage, Trinidad 'Trini' Lopez III passed away at the age of 83. Blending American folk, Latin and rockabilly, his music was infinitely danceable.

Trini was born in Dallas to immigrant parents, and when he was a boy his dad bought him a guitar from a pawn shop and taught him to play. He went on to become a night club favorite and have fans all around the world. To hear some of his hit songs, which include "If I Had a Hammer" and "Lemon Tree", go to Freegal Music and Music Online: Contemporary World Music on our website, or checkout the cd "The Best of Trini Lopez". At his peak he designed guitars for Gibson. He also branched out into acting. Watch him in one of his better known films or see one of his performances by checking out the dvds "The Dirty Dozen" or "The Best of Hootenanny". To read more about Trini Lopez go to our website and do an articles search.