Happy 20th Anniversary International Space Station

November was a momentous month for the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS has been occupied for 20 years, which is the longest such endeavor in our history. Also, the SpaceX Crew-1, the first commercial craft launched from U.S. soil since the end of the space shuttle program, recently arrived for an extended stay.

Designed, assembled, operated, and maintained by a coalition of space agencies that includes the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, and Europe, the ISS is a model of international cooperation. If you log into your account in SCCLD's website , you can do an article search for the 'international space station' to find information on the station itself, as well as the arrival of the SpaceX capsule.

To find out more about this ongoing success story in orbit 250 miles above our heads, you can check our online catalog and use your library card and PIN to place holds on several books and/or videos about the ISS found in the list below. It is good to know that there is at least one story to take pride in for the year 2020.

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International Space Station


Some books and a video with information and pictures, of and from, the International Space Station (ISS).

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