Teen Mental Health Support Group

The pandemic has effected all of us in different ways, but there is no doubt our mental health has taken a hit during this unprecedented time. SCCLD Teen Services knows that teens, like all of us, have been deeply effected. Our goal is to provide a virtual space for teens to get mental health support. Therefore, in honor of National Depression Education and Awareness month, the library will be hosting a teen virtual support group for the first four Saturdays of October.

Each session will be themed, with a specific area of focus each week. Some of these topics include: breaking the cycle of anxiety, Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) and how to stop them, and what happens to our body when we feel stress, depression, or worry.

We strongly encourage teens to sign up for all four sessions to get the full benefit of this program. In addition, all teens who sign up will receive a free Wellness Goodie Bag that you can pick up at the SCCLD library of your choice. Bags will be handed out the week of 9/27 - 10/1, and they will include a journal that will be used during this program, amongst other giveaways. Here are the links to sign up for each of the four Saturdays in October:

In the mean time, check out this video on mental health that was made for the library by our presenter, Eramelisse de Castro.