Teach Yourself American Sign Language

When choosing a new language to learn, many of us often overlook American Sign Language or ASL for the many spoken-language options. But consider improving your communication abilities by learning sign language! ASL is an important form of communication with individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or non-verbal. Knowing sign language can be an asset in social and workplace settings, and is a great communication skill to teach young children.

Kanopy, the library's streaming video service, provides several educational videos for learning American Sign Language. Available in your browser, 24/7!

Sign in with your library card an PIN, and check out these sign language videos for kids, teens, and adults. Expand your communication skills outside the classroom!

  • American Sign Language Made Easy - An 8 video series for beginners of all ages that teaches the fundamentals of conversing in ASL.
  • Baby Talk, Sign Language, and Speech - A sign language introduction for parents, to assist in teaching infants and toddlers basic communication skills.
  • Nita's First Signs - A Kanopy Kids video that teaches young children 10 essential first signs.
  • Sign Language: Language In Our Hands - A 29 minute lecture by Colgate University professor Spencer D. Kelly exploring the history and science of language, and the differences between sign and spoken word.