September Teen Book of the Month – See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday

Ages 16+ 

432 Pages

Barrett is a wisecracking and outspoken aspiring journalist starting her first year at university. She was also a total social leper in high school, so she needs to reinvent herself. Too bad when, on her first day, she wakes up to her high school tormentor being assigned as her new dorm roomie. And then she is completely embarrassed in Physics 101 by an uptight nerd. Her college newspaper interview, of course, has to go horribly. And lastly, she burns down a frat house at a party. Barrett finishes the night on the common room couch (after being locked out of her room) while she goes viral and gets doxxed.

But she wakes up on the first day of school again. And again... and again. And that uptight nerd? He’s been in this time loop for the past few months. So they team up. And throughout the process of setting the timeline back to normal, they discover the past traumas, dreams, and best food spots in this quirky romance.

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