Teens Shine with Pride @SCCLD

In a world where everyone seems to be trying to fit into some kind of mold, being your true self as a teen can be difficult. This pressure can feel particularly intense when you’re LGBTQIA+, as it may feel like navigating through judgment, misunderstanding, and stereotypes. But embracing your true self will give you the strength and confidence to stand tall and proud.

Each step you take towards understanding yourself is a step closer to living a life filled with joy and self acceptance. Rock your truth with confidence and pride because when you do, you're not just being amazing for yourself; you're paving the way for everyone to feel free to shine.

This June, as we celebrate Pride Month, let your light shine bright! Embrace your power and take pride in who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness, your strength, and your courage. Shine your pride this June and every day, because the world is a better place when you can be your authentic self.

Check out these PRIDE program for teens at your local Santa Clara County Library

LGBTQIA+ for Teens @ SCCLD


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