Finance for Teens – Virtual Event Series in April

Join us over Zoom in this three-part series about finance for teens!

Tuesday, April 4 from 4 to 5 pm: Basic Money Management

This session will focus on the different types of financial institutions and the products, services, and tools they provide to help you manage your money. We will also cover some common financial terms that you may have heard before but do not fully understand.

Tuesday, April 11 from 4 to 5 pm: Understanding Credit

This session will focus on the components used to determine a credit score, why credit matters and how to build good credit, what your responsibility is, and how to protect your credit.

Tuesday, April 18 from 4 to 5 pm: Making Good Money Decisions

Money management is the process of knowing where you are spending your money today and having a well-thought-out plan. Now that you have completed the first two sessions, it's time to put everything together, learn how to manage your money, set goals, and make good decisions to build a strong foundation for your future financial health.

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Teen Money Management @ SCCLD


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