May Book of the Month – Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

Gr. 9+

334 pages

Sunny Song is obsessed with her phone. At least that is what her principal at school thinks based on her social media postings that take place at all hours of the day, including during school hours. Even though Sunny explains that she schedules her posts ahead of time and is not technically breaking any rules, she still finds herself at a digital detox camp after an accidental video posting goes viral. From California to a farm in Iowa, Sunny is far from home with no technology, no friends, and no way to document the crazy chickens tormenting her.  That is, unless she can find Wi-Fi and connect to the phone she smuggled in. Does Sunny really have an obsession or is it just normal teenage activity as she claims it is?  With the help of a cute farm boy and a fellow tech obsessed camper, Sunny works to define who she is beyond her social media persona and what she is really looking to gain from it.

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