June Teen Book of the Month – Infinity Alchemist

Infinity Alchemist

Grades 10+

385 pages.

Ash Woods is a naturally talented alchemist, and his dream is to study alchemy at the Lancaster College of Alchemy so he can practice legally and professionally. But since he is an orphan from the wrong side of the tracks and lacks the background, connections and cash necessary to attend college, all doors to pursue his dreams are shut to him. Still, he manages to land a job as a groundskeeper at the college and teaches himself alchemy on his own- which is illegal. Then Ash is caught practicing alchemy by the young and ambitious apprentice professor, Ramsay Thorne. But instead of turning Ash in to the authorities, Ramsay makes a deal with him: Ramsay will teach Ash alchemy if Ash helps Ramsay find the legendary (and possibly mythical) book, the Book of Source.

As Ash (who is transgender) and Ramsay (who is gender fluid) grow closer to each other and to finding the book, they enter into a world of magic, danger, and death. Alchemists with far more power and influence are also after the Book of Source, and will stop at nothing to get it- including killing Ash and Ramsay. Next thing they know, they are running for their lives. This is when Callum, someone from Ramsay's past, comes to their aid. Is Callum an ally? Or is he using them for his own gain?

This book involves intricate worldbuilding, with politics, religion, and class playing a major part in the story. Callender addresses privilege, gender identity, first love and family trauma in a unique and magical way. This story  is populated by intersectionally diverse characters, including a polyamorous romance. A refreshingly affirming and tender standout fantasy.

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