Early Learning: Books about Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing, and Playing Together

Looking for books that address early learning skills?  Our Children's Librarians have gathered together books that develop these skills. Take a look at our Early Learning page for booklists that help with talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing together.  Ask your local Children's Librarian for recommendations. Check your local library's event listing for story times and other free early learning programs.


Talking Booklist     
Wordless picture books are a great way for children to practice telling their own stories.  These books have little or no words, but have great illustrations that children can follow as they tell the story in their own words. Caregivers can also use the titles to ask open-ended questions about the illustrations, "What is happening here?" or "What do you think will happen next?"


Every Little Thing

Singing Booklist
The titles on this list not only include books but music as well!  Singing rhymes and listening to all sorts of sounds help children hear the smaller sounds in words.  Being able to hear the smaller sounds in words helps children later on when learning to read.  Practice this skill by signing, finding rhyming words, and listening to sounds all around you.


Dream Animals

Reading Booklist
Reading aloud to children not only helps them develop a love of books and reading but also expands their vocabulary and knowledge of the world.The titles on this list feature picture books with rich vocabulary and easy non-fiction titles that are age appropriate for preschoolers and toddlers. 


Sun Above and Blooms Below

Writing Booklist
Knowing that each letter has its own shape and sound is an important skill for both reading and writing. Since letter knowledge starts with seeing and recognizing shapes, reading books that feature shapes and opposites are a great way to begin building this skill for babies and young toddlers. This list features shapes and opposite books, as well as drawing and art stories.


Open Very Carefully

Playing Booklist
A love of reading and books is important when children begin to learn how to read. Learning to read is not an easy task - so children need as much motivation as they can get. Help them stay motivated by reading books that encourage participation.