CodeCombat: Learn to Code Through the Power of Play

Ready to learn to code? Jump into CodeCombat, a fantasy game that teaches coding skills to kids 9 years old and up! Choose your hero, collect gems, and defeat enemies as you make your way through this fantasy game that teaches Python, JavaScript, C++, and other coding languages! Master Web Development or Game Development with over 500 levels that teach new ideas, build on existing concepts, and challenge you to think outside the box.

Everyone should have the chance to learn the magic within coding. With this free program offered by the Santa Clara County Library District, you or your child can become a confident life-long coder that will conquer challenges! Coding is a highly sought after job-skill and early exposure to coding can help to instill a love of learning and computer science. Most importantly, CodeCombat uses typed code, not drag-and-drop blocks. This real experience will accelerate learning of essential computer science concepts. This still allows for flexibility and creativity for the user to apply problem solving skills. 

Even if you or your child have no experience with programming, jump into CodeCombat and have fun learning! 

If you are interested in other Coding resources, try TreehouseTreehouse is an online video and interactive learning platform that teaches coding and web development skills. Topics include HTML, CSS, Design, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, WordPress, iOS, Android, Business, and Development Tools. New users / returning members who need to reactivate, complete this web form first.

You can access all of this and more online 24/7 with your Santa Clara County Library card. Apply for one today!