Explore Hanson Reading Phonics Series to Learn to Read

Do you wonder how to start teaching your child the names and sounds of the letters?  After your child learns the names and sounds, how can you teach your child to read words?  The library has purchased a series of books called Hanson Reading Phonics Chart System that approaches learning these skills in a very organized and fun process.  

What are some positive highlights of this series?

  • Only one skill is taught at a time.
  • Stories use select vocabulary to emphasize the skill being acquired while reinforcing prior skills.
  • Books provide lots of visuals that are helpful for all children, especially kids with learning difficulties.
  • The sound of two vowels together is studied early in the series.
  • Tips are provided for adults on the top of the page to highlight the skill being presented.
  • Each story has a yellow summary page to note skills at each level and unfair words (words with combination of letters that do not follow the same sounds as most other words, i.e. sight words).
  • Visual clues are provided in small print above the letters such as a "z" over an "s" in which the "s'" has a "z" sound such as "bees".
  • Words with two syllables have a line between the syllables to assist children to focus on each syllable separately.

As the labeling on the books can be confusing, here is a summary of the order of the books and what concepts are provided so you can get started with your child at their current level.  Just click to place a hold!

Hanson Reading Phonics Chart Books @ SCCLD Kids

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