August Book of the Month: A Peculiar Peril


Grades 7 and up

656 Pages

“The strange things started happening as soon as Jonathan Lambshead walked onto his grandfather’s estate…” 

Jonathan Lambshead is a sixteen year old who never knew his father and whose mother has disappeared on a recent trip to Italy.

His grandfather is a famous explorer, scientist, and lately an eccentric, who has had almost no contact with Jonathan and has recently passed away from what appears to be a heart attack. 

If Jonathan is to inherit is grandfather’s estate, he must catalog all the items within his grandfather’s house. Shortly after agreeing to the task, Jonathan receives a typewritten note, sealed in wax from his grandfather that begins with the instructions, “memorize and then destroy.”  

The letter is full of odd instructions and observations including the warning to watch out for the bird-children and something about the Order of the Third Door. Jonathan chalks it up to his grandfather being an eccentric and plans to spend his summer break from school, doing the cataloging with his classmate Danielle and her older brother Dirk.

But strange and dangerous things are happening on his grandfather’s estate and the riddles of his grandfather’s final note become vital to remember as Jonathan and his friends face a Peculiar Peril.

This book is the first volume of a two volume series.

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