April Teen Book of the Month

Murder She Wrote: By the Time You Read This I'll Be Gone by Stephanie Kuehn

283 pages, grade 8+

Content Warning: mental illness and emotional abuse

Bea Fletcher, great-grandniece of famous mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, loves true crime mysteries. She specifically loves local-true-crime-unsolved-cases types of mysteries, to the extent that she secretly writes a true crime blog. But when the mysteries get to close to Bea- and move from the past to the present- things start getting out of control.

One night Bea’s best friend, Jax, goes missing- and he’s the fifth teen from their small town to go missing in the last two years. What do these teens have in common? Why aren’t the cops looking for them? Is there a link between the missing teens and a cold case from 30 years before? And what’s going on with the local super-exclusive boarding school and their “game”? And what does all this have to do with the elite HOA that seems to be… well, way more than a Home Owners Association? All Bea knows for sure is the deeper she searches to find her friend, the harder it is to know who to trust.

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