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Fun Storytime Snippet Collection: English

Enjoy even more storytime fun with our Snippet Collection! Each snippet is an individually recorded song, rhyme or story presented by one of our librarians.

Table of Contents:

Animals| Bedtime | Books | Community Helper |Concepts| Dinosaurs | Emotions | Fairy Tales & Folktales |Farm | Food | Health | Ocean |
Space | Transportation| Weather / Seasons


English - 5 Little Speckled Frogs Song

English - Little Arabella Miller

English - Beehive

English - Animal Fair

English - Monkey, Monkey What Do You See? 

English - Clapping Mouse Rhyme

English - Two Little Polar Bears

English - Animal Fair

English - If You're A Cat And You Know It

English - Big A

English - Animal Fair

English - I've Got a Cat on My Knee

English - Animals on the Bus

English - Zoom Zoom Zoom

English - Put a Puppet on Your Heart

English - This Little Snail

English - The Little Brown Garden Snails

English - Two Mother Pigs

English - Two Mother Pigs

Larry the Lion

Bread and Butter

The Little Green Frog

Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee

The Three Little Pigs Fractured Tale


English - Bunny Bedtime

English - Five in the Bed

English - Here is a Baby

English - Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

English - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

English - Wee Willy Winky


English - If You're Ready for a Story Song

English - Little Red Book Flannel

English - Let's Take Look At This Book Fingerplay

Community Helpers

English - Early in the Morning

English - This is the Way We Mail a Letter

English - Lovely Letters


English - Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes Song

English - Dance Your Fingers

English - I Can Even Count Some More

English - Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean Flannel

English - This is Big Big Big Fingerplay

English - Roly Poly Song

English - Silly Hat

English - Bunny in a Hat

English - Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean Flannel

English - Rainbow Stew

English - Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean Flannel

English - Cowboy Wears a Cowboy Hat

English - I'm Going to Wear a Sweater

English - Eat Coat Eat


English -Two Little Pterodactyls

English - Down on Dino Farm

English - Dottie the Dinosaur


English - If You're Happy and You Know It Song

Fairy Tales & Folktales

Here is 

Where is King?

 Princess and the Pea

English - All Around the Castle

Humpty Dumpty Rhyme

The Three Little Pigs Flannel

Hush Little Baby Song

Two of Everything

Goldilocks Goldilocks

You Are My Sunshine

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach


English - Five Eggs Fingerplay

English - The Cow in the Ditch Puppet Story

English - Down on Grandpa's Farm Song


English - P-I-Z-Z-A Flannel Song

English - Green Zucchini Song

English - Green Zucchini Song

English - Popcorn Kernals


English - If You're Happy and You Know It Song

English - Clean Little Hands


Slippery Fish Fingerplay

Fish With a Deep Sea Smile Flannel Storyboard

The Waves on the Sea Song

Five Little Fish

Babies in the Ocean

When I Was a Little Fish


English - Cricket Green, I Hear You

English - The Jade Rabbit

English - Two Little Stars


English - Row, Row, Row Your Boat Song

English - Wheels on the Bus Song

Weather / Seasons

English - Going to the Park Rhyme

English - Gray Squirrel Song

English - If You're Happy and You Know It Song

English - The Rain on the Grass Rhyme

English - The Leaves on the Tree Song

English - Chubby Little Snowman

English - Frosty the Snowman

English - Little Snowman

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