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Featured Storytime Theme : Gardening / 种花 种菜 种树 / 種花 種菜 種樹

Traditional Chinese 

Simplified Chinese 

Literacy Tip:

Sing songs that go through a sequence, such as Hickory, Dickory, Dock or The Itsy Bitsy Spider. 

选内容有前后顺序的歌曲教小朋友唱 , 像 “拔萝卜” 或 “猪小弟” 或 “The Farmer in the Dell”. 

選內容有前後順序的歌曲教小朋友唱 , 像 “拔蘿蔔” 或 “豬小弟” 或 “The Farmer in the Dell”. 

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Simplified Chinese -蜗牛Snail

Simplified Chinese - 拔萝卜Turnip

Simplified Chinese - 豌豆莢Five Pea Pods

Simplified Chinese - 向日葵Five Little Sunflowers

Traditional Chinese -蝸牛Snail

Traditional Chinese - 拔蘿蔔Turnip

Traditional Chinese - 五個豌豆莢Five Pea Pods

Traditional Chinese -向日葵Five Sunflowers

Simplified Chinese - 谜语Riddle

Traditional Chinese - 謎語Riddle

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