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“The Wheels on the Bus” actually teaches your children how things work, which is the type of general knowledge they need to be ready for school.  Once you have sung this many times, try substituting places or events, for instance, “on our way to the library” or “on our way to the supermarket.”  Include people who work in those places, for example, “the children’s librarian says, ‘Read, read, read,’” or “the cashier’s register goes…” 

“The Wheels on the Bus“ 这首歌其实是在教孩子事情是如何运作的,这是他们为上学做好准备所需的知识。一旦你唱了很多遍,试着用地点或其他事件来代替,例如,在去图书馆的路上在去超市的路上。包括在这些地方工作的人,例如,儿童图书管理员说,阅读,阅读,阅读’”收银员的收银机……” 

“The Wheels on the Bus 首歌其是在教孩子事情是如何作的是他們做好所需的知識。一旦你唱了很多遍,試著用地或其他事件代替,例如,“在去館的路上”或“在去超市的路上”。包括在些地方工作的人,例如,“管理員說,‘閱讀,閱讀,閱讀’”或“收銀員的收銀……” 

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