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Featured Storytime Theme : Bugs / 昆虫 /昆蟲

Traditional Chinese 

Simplified Chinese 

Featured Literacy Tip:

Scribbling and drawing practices hand-eye coordination and develops control of the finger and hand muscles they will need to write. 



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Traditional Chinese -螞蟻搬豆 Ant moves a bean

Traditional Chinese - 螢火蟲 Fireflies

Traditional Chinese- 螞蟻和蚱蜢 The Ant & the Grasshopper

Traditional Chinese - 謎語 Riddle

Traditional Chinese - 蝴蝶 Butterfly

Traditional Chinese-小蜜蜂 Bees

Simplified Chinese - -蚂蚁和蚱蜢 The Ant & the Grasshopper

Simplified Chinese - 谜语 Riddle

Simplified Chinese-小蜜蜂 Bees

Simplified Chinese - 蝴蝶 Butterfly

Simplified Chinese - 萤火虫 Fireflies

Simplified Chinese - Ant moves a bean 蚂蚁搬豆

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