Silicon Valley Reads Gallery

Silicon Valley Reads Gallery

Welcome to our Silicon Valley Reads Gallery!

Celebrate the achievements of women by participating in the SCCLD Silicon Valley Reads 2020 online reading program. This county wide program features inspiring stories, exciting events, amazing author talks and more. Everyone in the community will find something just right for them. 

To participate, please sign up for our SCCLD Silicon Valley Reads 2020 online reading program.

Children submitted drawings of their "Most Magnificent Thing". Teens & Adults submitted a sentence about a woman who inspired them. Here are the wonderful contributions to our program!

SCCLD's Winter Online Reading Program

Virtual Author Talk: Dan Santat

Jul 30th | 11:00am - 12:00pm
Online Event
Join Dan Santat to chat about his graphic memoir, A First Time for Everything, and how to tell your own stories through graphic novels.

My "Most Magnificent Thing"

A Woman Who Inspired Me

"My mother who tirelessly and unconditionally cares for us and those around her." ~Amy

"My Pastor's wife inspires me every day to be a better person." ~Julee

"I learned only after she passed away that Beth Carmack, long-time Bay area resident, helped found The Museum of Mental Health through Oregon State Hospital. She had done this on trips away during her career as a therapist, and never told anyone. She inspires me daily, and I miss her laugh, her warmth, and the way discussions of people and ideas and history came alive when Beth was in the room." ~Mary

"Until she believed in herself. Then it didn’t matter what she wore." ~Anonymous

"I am inspired by the late author Ursula K. Le Guin, whose incredible work in both science fiction and fantasy for adults and children (though she transpires both genre and age groups) has helped me blossom as an author myself." ~Jenna

"Justice RBG has been fighting for women's right for decades, and is a pillar in the advancement of equality for women and minorities." ~Leila

"One woman who inspires me is Greta Gerwig because of her powerful but personal storytelling abilities." ~Tiffanie

"My high school calculus teacher was an amazing educator who taught with enthusiasm and inspired me to go far in engineering and I wish she could see me now!" ~Sara

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